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Jenn has made me enjoy working out.  Even when I didn't feel like going, she motivated me and brought me joy while doing so.  She was welcoming and made me comfortable and confident while working out.  She is such a sweet person, but knew how to push me at the same time!  I enjoyed every second spent with her.

I was able to improve my relationship with food and exercise.  In the past "dieting" meant depriving myself and spending hours doing cardio.  I was able to lose 25 pounds and see the muscle I've worked hard for all these years!  I'm also focusing less on the sale, more on how my clothes fit on me and have gained so much confidence!

Simple Steps helped to get me back on track and healthy again.  They were able to give me the jumpstart I needed as I was lacking motivation.  The approach was very simple and realistic.  I was able to lose almost 10 pounds in a few short months and overall felt so much more energetic and healthy.

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Meal planning saves time, reduces stress, and promotes healthier eating by eliminating the need for last-minute decisions. It helps control portions, reduces food waste, and saves money by allowing you to buy only what you need. Additionally, it supports your fitness goals by ensuring balanced nutrition and encourages variety in your diet. By planning meals, you can enjoy a more organized, enjoyable, and health-conscious lifestyle.

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